Infernojs – Javascript Library for building modern user interfaces

Infernojs - JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces

Infernojs is an extremely fast React-like JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces. It is also designed to be React compatible, modular and isomorphic.

Infernojs is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces in a declarative manner. Rather than working with MVC/MVVM style patterns, Inferno uses a component-based approach where data flows in one direction, making coding predictable, re-usable and highly testable. Based on the concept of learn once, write anywhere, Inferno doesn’t impose any restrictions on how you create components. You literally write JavaScript to state how you’d like your UI to look – Inferno does all the rest. Inferno also renders content on the server via inferno-server and NodeJS, so you can write awesome UIs that get rendered full-stack.

Below are the some of the highlights of Infernojs –

  • Tiny Size: Inferno is much smaller in size, 9kb vs 45kb gzip. This means inferno is faster to transfer over the network and much faster to parse.
  • React Compatible: React-like API, concepts and component lifecycle events. Switch over easily with inferno-compat.
  • Performance: One of the fastest front-end frameworks for rendering UI in the DOM, making 60 FPS on mobile possible.
  • One-way Architecture: Component driven + One-way data flow architecture. Bindings also supplied for Redux, MobX and Cerebral.
  • Isomorphic: Isomorphic rendering on both client and server, along with fast-booting from server-side renders.
  • Modular: Highly modular with very little opinion of how things should be done, removing bloat and unecessary overhead.



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