Winds – An Awesome Open Source Personalized RSS Reader

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On July 02 2013 when Google Reader’s end-of-life came, millions of Google Reader fans disappointed. People started seeking and using Google Reader alternatives. There are many Google Reader alternatives available today in the market. Out of those we like and recommend you all to try out the most noteworthy personalized open source RSS Reader “Winds” .

Winds is a beautiful open source RSS reader built using React/Redux/Sails/Node 7 and Stream. It showcases personalized feed using machine learning similar to Facebook, Flipboard, Etsy and Quora. Machine Learning API in Winds is provided by Stream (  Team at Winds has built an RSS Feed Reader that goes beyond simply providing list view of your RSS subscriptions. With Stream Machine Learning API, you get a highly personalized feed tailored to you. This tutorial explains how the personalization API works.

You can get personalized feeds with Winds in 3 steps –

  • Follow : Personalization starts to work once you have selected at least 3 topics to follow.
  • Engage:  Next, Winds tracks what you engage with through clicks and impressions.
  • Learn: Based on which content you interact with, the experience will become more tailored to your interests.



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